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Join us on a visit to Casa do Cipreste on September 14




Dear Friends,

We invite you to join us on a guided tour of Casa do Cipreste, a Portuguese architectural landmark projected by Raúl Lino. A famous architect of the early 20th century, Raúl Lino envisioned a beautiful residence surrounded by the gardens of São Pedro de Sintra.

Ambassador Norton de Matos, who married one of the architect's daughters, is one of Casa do Cipreste's most famous residents. During his time there, the Casa do Cipreste became a hotbed for Portugal's intellectual elite as people from the arts and literature, theatre and poetry flocked there for delightful promenades.

Upon arrival we will be welcomed by the owner, Martinho de Almada Pimental, a great-grandson of the famous architect, who is now responsible for overseeing the legacy of Raúl Lino and the charming landmark of Casa do Cipreste.

A guided tour will be provided by Professor Moutinho Borges.

Meeting point: Rua do Roseiral, nr. 5 – São Pedro de Sintra

Date: September 14 (Thursday)

Time: 11:00 am

Cost: €10 per person (to be collected upon arrival)

Registration: Please send an email to AFDP at adcdp@mail.telepac.pt  ASAP.

DirectionsFollow the direction of Largo da Feira de São Pedro de Sintra. After passing the Largo da Feira, turn right up the national road, where you will see traffic lights. Pass those and turn right on the first road (attention: in this side track there is a road to the right and one in front: the one in front is Rua do Roseiral). Then you only have to follow the signs that lead to Casa do Cipreste.

Important: do not rely on the GPS as it will indicate a street with the same name but in an incorrect address, on the Colares road.